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Alexis Grandemange  Curriculum vitae en français  


#25 hameau du dauphin

6 Chemin de Garibondy

06110 Le Cannet, FRANCE


  • 33 4 97 15 49 29 (office)

  • 33 6 08 69 16 83 (mobile)

  • 33 4 93 90 94 21 (home)

e-mail address:

Personal Information

  • Marital status: Single

  • Nationality: French

  • Age: 48


A position of patent drafter for software and business method patent applications where my knowledge and experience can be used.

Summary of qualifications

  • Windows NT 4, 2000, Linux, Solaris.

  • WLS, Oracle 9iAS, WLE and Tuxedo. Tomcat, Resin, Java Embedded Server, Cocoon. .NET, IIS (ASP), Apache, OpenCms, Oracle iLearning.


  • COM programming with the API and ATL.

  • Encryption, certificate authorities, directory services.

  • Java, C++, C#, PHP, Visual Basic, Word VBA, JavaScript, WSH, awk, shell.

  • J2EE (JSPs, servlets, EJBs).

  • Graphical environments JFC, Windows.


  • Patent writing (eight patent drafts for one year), search and analysis. Knowledge of the European and American regulations and databases.

Professional experience

March 1999 - present Amadeus Sophia Antipolis, France

Technical manager

  • Reviewed patent proposals, wrote patent applications and replied to examiner objections and rejections.

  • Analyzed competitor patents and made business intelligence work.

  • Checked if a product developed by a third party met the specification requirements.

  • Reviewed public presentations to identify involuntary disclosure of Intellectual Property.

  • Managed the installation and the configuration of a fault-tolerant iLearning environment (Learning Management System of Oracle).

  • Managed a Grid study (Grid farm using MPI, NWS, Netsolve).

  • Designed algorithms to exercise the Grid farm (Face recognition, finding routes between an origin and a destination).

  • Wrote a spell checker using a ternary tree.

  • Designed and wrote a XML authoring tool using Word VBA. This tool acts as a Content Management Editor and is used to create the Amadeus online documentation and Web based trainings.

  • Designed an EDIFACT to Web services gateway using Tomcat and Cocoon.

  • Designed and wrote the core of a WLS prototype involving JSPs, EJBs. Then Amadeus chose this solution for the reengineering of its End Consumer product.

  • Designed and wrote a multiplexer with data based routing, plug-in support, load balancing, encryption (DES and RC4) and JFC graphical administration. The core product was written in C++ and used an object framework, ACE, and SSLeay for encryption. Growing teams still develop new versions of the product.

July 1996 - February 1999 BEA Paris, France

Senior consultant - Presales for south of Europe

  • Answered the France Telecom RFP (50000 PCs) for a corporate middleware with Tuxedo.

  • Defined the architecture and programmed core COM components for Société Générale office business reengineering (an Intranet architecture with 2000 IIS, 23000 PCs).

  • Wrote an object transfer solution in C++ using Tuxedo and Rogue Wave Tools (40 days and 9000 lines of code).

  • Designed a mock up for an API allowing inter-applications exchanges (6 programmers during 1 month, 12000 C and C++ lines). Then the API has been written (100 consulting days for BEA) and put in production.

  • Managed a successful Early Adopter Program for WLE with Java. Wrote COM proofs of concepts (an ASP gateway for WLE and a OLEDB provider using WLE as a source).

  • Ported Host/Connect (SNA LU 6.2 and TCP connectivity product developed by BEA France) on NT.

January 1994 - June 1996 Amdahl Issy Les Moulineaux, France


  • Answered RFPs.

  • Designed and programmed solutions for UNIX integration with mainframes (STK tapes libraries use, 3270 devices support).

  • Started big UNIX sites.

September 1989 - December 1993 Amdahl Issy Les Moulineaux, France

System Engineer

  • Supported MVS and UNIX.

  • Started a MVS Oracle site.

March 1987 - August 1989 Crédintrans Paris, France

System Programmer on a file transfer product, CFT

  • Wrote system components (X25 and VTAM).

  • Integrated purchased components in the product.

  • Responsible of the component integration, tests and qualification for the portable version (rewritten in C).

November 1984 - February 1987 Germinal Paris, France

System engineer

  • CICS and MVS support.

  • MVS system and VTAM programming.

December 1981 - November 1984 Kodak Paris, France

System engineer

  • CICS/DL1 support. CICS system programming.

Invention and publications

Numerous publications on Internet, including:

Inventor and writer of a patent application WO0230085/EP1323277/2004062255 for the Amadeus multiplexer, called MULTIPLEXING UNIT, SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR COMMUNICATION IN A COMPUTER NETWORK.

Published a three-part article in Java Developer Journal ( and named "A Practical Solution for the Deployment of JavaServer Pages". You can find the three parts in:


1975 – 1980 I.N.S.A. (Institut National des Sciences Appliquées) Lyon

  • Computer science engineer en 1980.


  • French, English.

Interests and activities
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